13th Annual NTC Awards: Choosing the Honorees

The NTC is committed to celebrating the innovation, leadership, and technical expertise across our entire community. To ensure that our honorees are selected in an appropriate manner, NTC staff is not involved during any portion of the selection process for both finalists and ultimately, Award winners.

13th Annual NTC Awards Timeline

  • September 24: Nominations Close
  • December 16: Finalists Announced at NTC Holiday Party (Tech Hill Commons)
  • February 17, 2022: Winners Announced Live at the 13th Annual NTC Awards

Awards Judges

A member of the Planning Committee oversees nominations from the time that they are submitted through the NTC website until Awards are given during the final event. This person coordinates a pool of over 70 judges from across the Middle TN community and oversees the collection and tallying of all voting. Honorees for both finalist and Award announcements are made known to one person on the NTC for logistics purposes the week of each respective event. The rest of the NTC team enjoys the reveal of the honorees along with the rest of the community.